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A safe and engaging space for the entire community.




Yoga, Reiki, and more!

A collective of independent healers, movers, teachers & guides offering reiki, meditation, yoga, workshops and more. Each member brings a unique perspective and philosophy to their practice and offerings, creating the opportunity to find your fit. Most classes are by donation, and some services are on a sliding scale.

Nutrition and Cooking Classes

Our cooking and nutrition classes are great experiences for whether you’re looking for a fun and unique date night, wanting to spend an enjoyable time with out with a group of close friends, or just want to hang out, mix and mingle in our exciting culture.

Podcast Recordings

We’re very exited to introduce you to the exciting artists who make up our thriving community. Listen to what inspires and motivates them, listen the new directions their art is taking, listen to how you can engage with them here in our studio.



Wherever you're at in your journey as an artist, visual or otherwise, we have a space for you. Come work in a creative space alongside a supportive community in one of our many studio spaces. 



The best way to take advantage of all that Station One has to offer is by becoming a member. This allows you access to different studio spaces to host workshops, classes, and events at a discounted rate. Or maybe you're a Night Owl and want to have access to a studio 24/7. Make the investment in yourself and become a member.



Our goal at Station One is to help create community spaces that provide artists access to items otherwise inaccessible. For that reason, we've built a fully equipped Photo Studio for a multitude of uses available for rental. 



Do you enjoy playing in a cramped garage alongside your bassists lack of hygiene? We didn't think so. Station One offers Band Practice Space, available through a Membership, for those looking to get the most of their musical sessions.