Intro to Botanical Illustration and Perfumery

MM 0325 Mondays 7-9pm

$35/class, $350/full course (11 weeks)

Join artist and perfumer Lindsey Márton O’Brien of Lumina Noctis
for a time of multifaceted creative exploration into the world of natu- ral perfumery, herbalism, and botanical art study! This course focuses
on the appreciation of the first-hand study of plants, resins, and
natural materials utilized in perfumery and herbal skincare through- out the ages. We will draw, paint, and learn about plants that have inspired perfumers from ancient to modern times, and create custom autumn-inspired natural perfumes, herbal scrubs, herbal facial serums, and scented holiday ornaments! In each class, we will cultivate an inspiring sketchbook of botanical appreciation, exercise techniques for encouraging lifelong artistic expression, and and learn tools for brainstorming your own unique perfume and herbal skincare recipes.

All classes will be held in a welcoming atmosphere with tea, as we nourish our creative souls with the revitalizing inspiration of autumn.
For class updates, class Q&A, and links to recommended art sup- plies, visit the Lumina Noctis Facebook page:

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Graphite pencils, colored pencils (Pris- macolor is great), pencil sharpener, eraser, watercolors, watercolor palette, variety of brushes, container for paint water, and two new artist’s quality sketchbooks - one for drawing, and one for watercolor
(or one sketchbook appropriate for mixed media). Students are en- couraged to also bring charcoal and pastels if they have them. Suggested sketchbook size 8x10, but may be bigger or smaller depending on student’s preference - pick one you will be comfortable using long
term as your main sketchbook! Students will need a bottle of gold ink if participating in Oct. 1st “Gilded October Dreams” class. Students may bring a mug to each class if they wish to have tea!

MATERIALS FEE (not included with tuition):
Full Course: $150 Materials Fee (Intro to perfume, make your own perfume, serum, scrub, and ornament classes)
Individual Class: Materials Fees may apply for certain classes.

Sewing 101

FC 0010 Mondays 1-3pm

$15/class $150/full course (11 weeks)

Learn the basics of hand and machine stitching. Darn socks, re-attach buttons, repair seams, as well as learn the basics of reading and making your own patterns. Hand-sewing needles and thread are provided, bringing your own machine is recommended (later in the quarter).

Bring items to repair or scrap fabric (some scraps will be available).