DreamDauphine Presents: Vulvas, Weiners, and Nipples, Oh My!

DreamDauphine Presents: Vulvas, Weiners, and Nipples, Oh My!


Thurs, 9/19 @ 6 -8:30pm

This laidback class will provide you with all materials necessary to create 5” x 5” image that represents your sexuality as it exists today. Your finished product is a visual expression of individual power and pleasure, without shame, and to remind you of your own unique worth. Mixed media materials such as felt, paper, acrylic paint, and more will be at your disposal as you are guided through the creation process with Annajane Dauphine, owner of DreamDauphine studios. Mz. Dauphine will prepare some premade items (such as felt penises, vulvas, etc.), allowing people of any skill level to enjoy this project. This class is 18+ and will include blunt conversation about human sexuality, anatomy, and practices including kink and fetish topics. This is a sex positive class, and while sex may be our main subject, consent, respect of body autonomy/personal space, and professional behavior is mandatory.

20 spots available, tickets are $20

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