Audio Electronics Workshop Series

Begin to explore the world of electronics as it relates to lofi audio applications. Learn to identify common discrete components, understand signal flow, and create electronic sounds. These workshops are aimed for the beginner interested in modifying and circuit-bending existing hardware as well as those interested in creating their own simple lofi synthesizers. Workshops are focused on exploration and chance over formulas and theory.

Ages 16 and up. No experience necessary. A desire for experimentation and an affinity for working with very small objects are a plus. Materials are largely provided and vary by class. (Material fee subject to change.)

Third Sundays (9/16, 10/21, 11/18, 12/16) 3pm

4 Rotating Workshops, Materials included in costs


RHE 101 Anatomy of a Circuit Board

2 Hour Workshop - 20$

RHE 201 Circuit-bending + Hardware Hacking

3 Hour Workshop - 35$

RHE 111 Intro to Breadboarding Synthesizers

2 Hour Workshop - 35$

RHE 211 Soldering + Protoboarding Synthesizers

3 Hour Workshop - 35$